For many students, going off to college can be a nerve-wracking and life changing experience. Brand new school, new faces, new classes… let’s face it, you have a lot on your plate.

Planning ahead for moving day is a great way to relieve the stress that often comes with transitioning to college life. When you hire local Tucson movers for your dorm move, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. From full packing services to providing reliable local and long distance transportation, it pays to have the professionals handle it.

Not sure where to start packing? As you prepare for the big move, check out these tips to help streamline the moving process and start your college career on the right foot:


Read Up on the Rules

Before you start planning, be sure to read up on your school’s move-in day requirements.

In some cases, you may be told a specific date and time in which you can move to help keep the big day organized and manageable.

Some colleges have rules about how many people can accompany you, as well as how much time you have in a loading zone. Knowing what you can and cannot do will save both you and your movers plenty of time on move-in day.

Talk to the resident halls and contact your roommate. Find out what is provided in the dorm rooms as well as its dimensions. This will help you avoid over packing. Get in touch with your roommate to find out what they will be bringing to avoid overcrowding in the dorm room.


Labeling & Storage

Speed up the moving process by properly labeling your boxes and shipping containers before you arrive at your dorm.

For example, if you’re bringing a trunk or dresser, pack what you plan to put in them ahead of time (such as winter clothes and shoes).

For added organization, pack all of your bath towels with the rest of your bath supplies, or label a single container for specifically sheets and blankets. This will make your items easier to locate when it’s time to unpack.

Packing your belongings in plastic storage bins can help save space in a moving truck, and make it easier to haul up the stairs. Storage containers come in all shapes and sizes to fit under your bed and around your dorm room.


Develop a Plan for Moving Day

Before you hit the road, plan out the move.

Take inventory of what items you plan to take from home, and be sure to pack only the essentials. Dorm space is usually very limited, especially when living with a roommate.

Communicate with your movers before move-in day. Do not wait until the last minute to verify the time and date of your scheduled move. Remember to let your movers know ahead of time if you need to make any special accommodations or changes.

Most importantly, be on time! Professional movers on your watch, so you probably want to get the most bang for your buck. Ensure a smooth move for everyone involved by being prepared ahead of time to avoid any miscommunication or potential setbacks.


Local and Long Distance Moving Services in Tucson, Arizona

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