Storage and Relocation made Easy

If only relocating could be as simple as throwing a few items in your backpack and hitting the road, we might move more often to take advantage of new opportunities that are there for the taking. Instead, we have to find the most efficient way to transplant our entire lives from point A to point B without losing anything important along the way. I recommend everyone hire professionals to do the bulk of the work. So many people struggle with moves that they begin to dread them and end up staying in places that they are no longer happy with. It is so sad that something like the rigors of moving can keep people from moving on to something better.

Once you experience having professionals who are experts at moving perform this service for you, you will wonder how you ever did without it. Our customers tend to be repeat customers or referrals because the experience feels like a life saver. When you couple professional movers with these pearls of wisdom, you will never dread moving again! Also, you may not be able to take your items directly to your new residence. In this case, self-storage is your next stop. Heed this advice before you get started, and this phase of your move will go over like a breeze.

Storage for the Overflow

There are a lot of reasons you may need to store your either all or some of your belongings in paid self-storage space. Sometimes you have to move before you find your new permanent residence, other times you have different plans for your belongings and need a temporary place to store them while you decide what to do with them. Either way, for your peace of mind it is important to choose a storage facility you can trust to keep your items secure and safe from damage.

Climate controlled storage is the way to go. Climate controlled storage spaces will maintain safe temperatures that resist the harmful effects of the outside weather conditions. Hot or cold, climate controlled storage will remain pretty steady, protecting your temperature sensitive belongings.

Typically, you cannot store dangerous chemicals and materials. Gasoline, propane tanks, and firecrackers are a total no-no. Also, anything toxic will probably be banned from storage facilities as well. You also will probably not be allowed to store more than four tires in a storage facility because there are special disposal costs the facility would be forced to cover if you never claim them. You usually can, however, store four tires or a whole vehicle.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind…but Still Worthy of Insuring

You should seriously consider insuring your more valuable items in the self-storage facility. In some cases, even homeowner’s and renters insurance can extend to stored items, but make sure you check that out specifically instead of just expecting it.

More likely, you will be relying on insurance through the self-storage company you are using. Tenant insurance is usually offered by the storage company for a small monthly fee. If you are storing expensive items, I highly suggest you take them up on that coverage. Better safe than sorry. Be warned, most storage facilities will not insure vehicles; you still need auto insurance for that.