moving boxes.

Organization is key when it comes to a stress-free move. Everyone knows that you have to put your belongings into boxes, but it would be nice to know how to organize each box to make life just a little bit easier on the days leading up to moving day and when you have to unpack. Here are some ways to keep your boxes organized for an easy move-in day.

· Use the proper size box for the job. While bigger may seem better because that equals less trips back and forth into the car and/or moving truck, choosing a box too big for the job could be disastrous. Try putting heavier items in smaller boxes, which will make it much easier to carry and handle for you and the movers. If you place heavy items into a bigger box, it is much more likely to break on the trek to the truck. Lighter items can be put into bigger boxes because it is less likely to break from the weight.
· Heavy on the bottom, light on top. This will avoid accidental crushing of the lighter items from being bounced around in a truck. Additionally, never leave empty space in the boxes; this will cause a lot of movement and potential breakage. Make sure to stuff all of the empty space with newspaper or packing paper.
· Organize by room and label, label, label. Try to avoid mixing items from other rooms in each box for a quick and painless unpacking process. Label each box for what room it is meant for or what kinds of items are in there to make it easier for the movers to place in the correct area of the house. You can even get create and color code it: put a color on all of the boxes pertaining to a certain room and stick that same color on the door of the room it goes into; this will make you and the movers’ lives much easier.
· Secure your boxes with tape. This may seem like an obvious one, but make sure that you tape your boxes very well. Tape your boxes with the confidence that they will not pop open and throw your items all over the truck.
· Wrap up your fragile items. Make sure to securely wrap all of your glass or breakable items in paper so that you cannot feel any edges. Pack dishes on their side for a tight fit in each box and place layers of paper or towels in between each layer of items. Cups and bowls can be placed on top of each other with paper in between each item.
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