office moving.

If your business or office is relocating, there are many items you will need to pack up for the move. With all the filing cabinets, important documents, and expensive electronics, packing up your office can seem like a daunting task. But with careful planning, packing your office and moving to your new business location can be a breeze. Read on for some helpful tips from Tucson Moving Service on how to pack up your office.

Take Time to Declutter

Packing is a great time to clear out and declutter any non-essential paperwork that has been building up over time. Determine which documents need to be kept, recycled, and shredded, and make separate piles. Organize the files that you are keeping either numerically or alphabetically in a box specifically made for files. If you use a box that is too large for the folders, you may find that they shift during the move and the contents get mixed up.

Label Your Boxes

This is not specific for office moves, but a smart rule of thumb for any type of move. Be sure to label your boxes with your name, the contents, and the destination. Mark if the box requires any special handling, including if it contains confidential information.

Packing Your Desk

Empty each drawer and sort through the various office supplies that have accumulated over the years. If you have an excess of paper clips, notepads, or other supplies, consider donating some to a local school or your favorite charity. When packing up your books, don’t overload the boxes. Fill each box with only a few books and use the rest of the space for lighter items.

Protect Your Electronics

Another important component of packing up your office is taking care of your electronics. Before you move, back up all the data on your computer. Secure all your equipment with extra padding when packing it. If possible, place your computer, printer, or scanner in its original packaging. If you don’t have the original boxes, ask the movers for the most appropriate boxes for your electronics. Here are some more tips for safely packing up your computer for a move.

Packing Personal Items

Personal items such as coffee cups and picture frames should be wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking during the move. When packing these items, consider how much space you’ll have in the new office. It’s a good idea to take all personal items, especially those you highly value, home during the move to prevent them from getting lost in the shuffle or not fitting in the new space.

Professional Office Movers in Tucson

By hiring professional office movers, you can save time and energy on your move. Tucson Moving Service provides exceptional commercial moving services in Pima County. Our competitively-priced services will reduce disruptions to your office during the move and get your new location up and running in no time. For a free, no-obligation estimate, contact us today at (520) 468-8956!