Moving Elderly Parents into Your Home.

Caring for elderly parents is one of the many ways you can repay them back for the love and care they gave you in your youth. Moving elderly parents into your home is a way of honoring the full cycle of life, as the child becomes the caregiver to the parents. Although moving elderly parents into your home is a great bonding experience for the family and a comforting feeling for your elderly parents, there are some things to consider before moving your elderly parents into your home.

Health Issues

Moving your elderly parents into your home requires another important consideration: being aware of their health issues. While most seniors deal with conditions like arthritis, hearing loss, and vision impairment, it is important to note the type of care they need and medication that they take.

When moving your elderly parents into your home, separate their medicine from others. Whether it be by allocating a specific cabinet in the house for their medication or having separate containers for them to place their medicine in. Knowing the location of their medicine is an essential piece of information to know, because it not only helps them to remember where their medications are, it also gives you the ability to act efficiently and fast if something were ever to happen. Knowing these important details will help your elderly parents feel safer and much more at ease knowing that there’s someone else who can empathize with their conditions.

Make Your Home Elderly-Friendly

Just like a house needs to be kid-friendly to avoid energetic toddlers and crawling babies from potential dangers and harmful falls, a house also needs to be elderly-friendly when moving elderly parents into your home. When accommodating your home for an elderly parent, consider their need for both the near-future and distant-future as their quality of health and lifestyles inevitably changes.

An essential factor to consider is stairs. While most people choose to accommodate their elderly parents by hosting them in a room that resides on the first floor (which makes it safer and more comfortable for them to access the home), it is not always possible to make this accommodation. Considering other options such as installing a ramp or devices that make it safer to go up and down the stairs for your elderly parents is vital.

Make Modifications

While moving your elderly parents into your home is an opportunity to get to know them better and learn a little bit more about their past, it also poses a challenge: making your home accessible to them. Moving about in your home is an ordinary task that doesn’t require much thought. For elderly parents, it isn’t the same. They calculate each step to avoid a dangering fall or slip.

You may need to modify specific areas in your home to make it more accessible to your elderly parents. The shower is a significant room that needs optimizing for accessibility. Consider getting a walk in shower with handles rather than having a tub-like shower to avoid slips and falls. Consider removing rugs or carpets that are easily moveable and tend to slide to prevent falls. Have adequate lighting in areas in the home that tend to be darker. In the kitchen, place items that are frequently used at an arm-reach level to avoid overreaching and potential falls. If you’re not sure on how to make your home any more accessible, it’s always good to ask your elderly parents how to make specific task or areas in your home more accessible to them.

Let Us Handle The Moving

Moving can be difficult, and moving your elderly parents into your home requires additional help. Don’t worry about moving your elderly parents into a new place; we’ll handle the moving part so you can focus on what is most important:, your elderly parents. Call the professionals at Tucson Moving Service today for a hassle-free quote at (520) 468-8956.