Moving during the holiday season.

Success! You finally got a serious offer on the house listing you’ve had up for what seems like forever now. But it’s almost the end of the year… it’s almost holiday season. Don’t let the timing stop you from bigger goals; just because the holidays are approaching doesn’t mean you should feel any added stress while moving! You should be prioritizing what’s important at this time, which is moving your family into your brand new home.

Talk With Your Moving Company

Staying organized is more important than anything else. If you’re getting ready to move during peak holiday season, you may want to discuss a few options with your moving company. This could be the time of the year when they have less availability, or maybe their rates go up accordingly. All in all, it pays off to have a plan and stick to it. You may be saving yourself a headache and a whole lot of stress in the end.

Look Into Local Festivities

Some families value tradition during holiday times, but it should go without saying that moving will make observing some of them pretty hard to pull off. It would be fun to look into what kind of festivities your new town has to celebrate! Trying new things and making memories is important, especially if you have children; for all you know you might be setting up the basis for a new family tradition!

Forget the Decorations!

Moving is hardly ever a quick and easy process… if decorating the entire house was on your to-do list you may want to stop and think about that for a second. Get as much done as you can and find some kind of value and satisfaction in that. If you set your goal unreasonably high, given everything else you’ll be busy doing, you’re only going to set yourself up to be let down. The holidays are supposed to be a fun and loving time; try and spend the little free time you’ll with your family and getting comfortable in your new home instead.

Throw a Themed Housewarming

Trying to meet some neighbors and make some new, local friends? If you planned on having any kind of housewarming party you could consider setting a theme to go along with the holiday season. Not only is it two birds with one stone, but you can really have some fun with it along the way.

Whatever Happens… Happens

You should be going into this knowing that things won’t go the exact way you planned. Things come up and you can never fully expect what might get in your way. The more open and willing to change you are, the more fun you’ll let yourself have.

Make Memories This Holiday Season

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