bathroom packing and movingFor most people, packing up your entire bathroom can be a time-consuming task.
As a heavily trafficked area in the home, most homeowners put off packing their bathroom until the last minute. But did you know that packing in advance is guaranteed to save you more time on moving day? Here’s what you can do to get started:


Go through your toiletries and use anything that’s half empty, like shampoo, soap or toothpaste. Clear out all of the items you don’t like or no longer use, and donate any unused items to a local donation center or domestic violence shelter.
Make sure all of your toiletries are properly sealed and stored in plastic bags so that any opened containers don’t spill or break. Update your first aid kid before you and place it in your car or luggage for when you’re in transit.
For used toilet brushes, toss them out. Be sure to stock up on toilet paper, as it is the most common item people forget to bring with them.

Prescriptions and Medication

Take inventory of your current prescriptions and properly dispose of medications you no longer use. Remember to pack the medication you absolutely need to bring with you and prepare yourself by refilling prescriptions that you’re low on before moving day.


Use towels to pad your moving boxes. Dispose of any towels, bathroom rugs or shower curtains that are no longer useable or harbor mold. Wash your shower curtains and bathroom rugs before packing, or donate any remaining linens you don’t plan on taking with you.

Breakable and Sharp Items

Fragile items like glassware, clocks, dishes, and mirrors should be carefully wrapped in moving boxes using newspaper, linens, or bubble wrap. Place heavy items at the bottom of your moving boxes or storage bins. Ensure that all razors, scissors, and sharp items are either wrapped up or stored in sturdy containers or plastic storage bins.

Professional Packing and Moving Solutions in Tucson, AZ

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