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Moving can be a stressful time. Between packing and still having a normal life, things can get overwhelming. Time management is crucial when moving. It is important to create a packing plan to ensure that moving goes smoothly.

Having a timeline four weeks before your moving day will help make sure that moving is easy and stress-free. A packing timeline can help you become more organized and make sure you do not leave anything behind. Let’s check it out!

4 Weeks Before Your Move

Four weeks before you move, you should begin to pack items that are not used frequently. That way, you can get the non-essentials out of the way.

Pack out of season items like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and accessories. Other items to pack are special tools such as sports equipment, fishing tackle, lawn equipment, and power tools. Lastly, you should pack any sort of collections that you might have. You would not want your coin collection to go missing.

3 Weeks Before Your Move

After you have packed your non-essential items in your home, you can turn your attention to other items that are not necessities.

Three weeks before your move, you should begin to pack items that you do not normally use on a frequent basis. Items like books, spare bedding, CDs, DVDs and kitchenware that is not used often.

2 Weeks Before Your Move

Two weeks before your move, you should pack more frequently used items in your home. Be sure to prioritize what is important and not important to you.

If you have children, begin packing their toys. Make sure you set aside a few of their favorites. Other items to pack are jewelry and office supplies. Be sure to set aside any essentials.

1 Week Before Your Move

Now it is down to crunch time. Be sure to assess your packing situation. If it becomes too overwhelming, do not be afraid to ask for help!

One week before your move, begin packing your essential items that are in your home. Kitchen items, clothing, and medicines should be packed away safely. Start preparing your furniture for the move. Be sure to wrap furniture in plastic to protect it and to disassemble any pieces that need to be taken apart.

2 Days Before Your Move

The last two days before your move, everything should be just about packed. You should pack any last essentials in your old home. Be sure pack any electronics, bathroom items, appliances, and any miscellaneous items. Remember to pack an essentials box for your new home!

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