Top 3 Reasons To Move to Tucson.

Tucson is a scenic city surrounded by mountains with 350 days of sunshine. The low cost of living, good connectivity, and scope of work prospects have evolved Tucson into a sprawling town and a popular retirement destination. 

Are you planning to move into a home sweet home in Tucson? Or are you a Tucson resident planning to shift your home or move to a new city? If so, we are here to assist you with a detailed guide about planning and executing your moving plans.

Types of Moving Services

Moving services can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Local moving 
  • Long-distance moving 

Local moving services require a skilled driver and a team of professional Tuscon movers to load, unload, and rearrange your items. They are a resourceful team selected for their deft moves and knack for keeping things safe and intact.

Many homeowners hire in-town moving services when they renovate their homes or simply re-arrange furniture. From taking shifting heavy items to moving them up or down the stairs, the adept movers are professionally trained to handle such tasks. Moving a vintage cabinet around the tricky corner of your home, these movers are skilled enough to take utmost care of your belongings. 

With a local move, you could hire just a rental truck to move your items. Once the moving is complete, you can drop the vehicle back at its location. For a local move, trucks and vans are often the most affordable transport. 

Long-distance moving requires a few extra steps to ensure that your belongings are well-packed for a long-distance tour. Long-distance movers are also more expensive due to the distances involved. The Move Manager is entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating the in-out times. Providing a precise quote of arrival is important as the recipients can be ready to receive their belongings safely. 

Some additional services that Tucson Movers provide:

Load only services

Some home/office owners already have a truck. Professional Movers can load and unload your items into a vehicle. These skilled workmen ensure that the packed items are carefully loaded and ensure the protection of your belonging during transit.

Truck only services

Hiring full-service movers are no longer necessary in Tucson. You can hire affordable movers for transportation of your stuff while the loading and unloading can be carried out by another party. For long-distance moves, hiring a rental truck that you want to drive is a tough option. 

While you can pick the truck from its designated spot, the Mover company must have a desired location in the new town to hand over the truck. Check with your Mover service provider regarding the truck pickup and drop details.

Packaging Services

In addition to Moving services, many companies offer packaging services as a part of their packages. The company offers a multitude of packaging services from a few items to the entire household or office equipment.

Services for the elderly

Seniors require extra care. Experienced movers in Tuscon are trained to take care of elderly people during commuting and ensure their safety and comfort. Special services for these special people!

Tucson Movers Pricing

Moving is not just a cumbersome affair, it involves high costs as well. Since the 1940’s Americans have loaded their belongings into huge vans, trucks, and rigs to move into a new home. Tucson movers provide all levels of services, from affordable moving to the expensive ones that provide additional services. 

What exactly are the costs of the Tuscan Movers?

Let’s find out.

On average, when you hire a rental truck for your move to Tucson, you pay

    •  $155 for a local move
    • $225 for a medium move
    • $971 for a long-distance move. (source)

Being flexible with moving times will land you up with more affordable movers. The charges of moving accounts for:

  • The size of the truck
  • Gas(avg. 7 mpg)
  • Fees include environmental fees, mileage fees, damages, etc.

The common phrase used in Tucson is: What is the cost of the Movers by the hour?

It depends on several factors that are as follows:

  • Size of the move
  • The time involved

1. Size of the Move

The ‘size’ is dependant on two factors:

  • The Distance
  • The number of belongings

The Distance

What is the distance that you have to travel to reach your new destination? Distance plays an important role as it determines the transportation costs. The trucks require fuel and maintenance to move. The greater the distance of relocation, the more expensive the Mover service will be. 

There are many Mover Companies in Tucson that specialize in Long-distance relocations. There are certain frequent- traveling routes that they cover. If your relocation route aligns with any of these frequent-travel routes, you might get affordable Mover services. 

Some companies charge on a per-hourly basis. They will count the number of hours traveled and charge you accordingly. Local moving services charge lesser as the distance covered is far lesser.

The number of belongings

The other factor that impacts the cost of moving is the number of belongings that you are shifted. If you are a large family with a magnitude of furnishings, home accessories, and many other items, the costs levied will be higher. 

You might require more than one truck and many skilled professionals to conduct the moving chores. The company will charge surplus for all the extra manpower required to move huge and complicated items. If budget is a constrain, do consider packing some of the items or hire additional packing services that cost cheaper.

2. The time involved

Apart from the distance and size of your belongings, you also have to consider the time involved. Have you decided the move 6 months in advance? Or is it a last-minute move? This is an important checklist to ascertain how much time you have for doing your moving preparations.

The ‘time’ factor impacts the pricing in a big way. If you book well in advance, you are in a better position to negotiate. Many moving companies offer huge discounts to people who book in advance. This is done to ensure that companies have worked throughout the year.

If you book at the last minute, the hourly rates will be higher and you will not be in a position to negotiate. So to get a fair deal, it’s best to plan the move well ahead in advance.

Importance of an efficient Movers Company

When you plan to move to a new home, locally or to a new town, there are various factors to consider. Relocation is not just about gathering your things, loading in a truck, and moving. It is important to look for efficient as well as affordable movers. They will pack and move all your belonging with tact, skill, and care. Also, verify the company’s legitimacy. Check for the company’s licensing and service records before you make a deposit.

Factors to keep in mind when looking for reliable Movers in Tucson

  • Get recommendations from friends and family
  • Check reviews of the movers’ company on their service page
  • The movers must have a valid Dot number and an insurance
  • The movers must have transparent quotes/rates with no hidden charges

Moving companies in Tucson to meet your tailored needs

You could be moving to a one-bedroom flat or a spacious villa. The distances to cover in transit could be long or you might be moving just around the block.

Each of us that different needs while relocating. You must ensure that the Moving services are efficient and capable of catering to your needs. Things you need to check with your Moving company are:

  • Whether the company owns a truck/truck that fits your needs.
  • Does the moving company provide packing supplies like boxes, tapes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and more?
  • Is the company available in the timeframe that you plan to move? Do they offer timely delivery and pickup, that suits the customer’s schedule?


Relocating and shifting homes is a mammoth task. You need to hire skilled and experienced Tuscon movers who can take care of all your moving needs in a hassle-free manner. They should also provide affordable services. Competition is fierce in Tucson and only those movers who provide exemplary customer services will thrive. 

We are a Tucson-based Movers company offering high-quality reliable services for local as well as long-distance relocation. Do get in touch with us for best quality services for shifting and relocating.