Long distance moves are always more susceptible to not going seamlessly. Whether it’s from the stresses of the distance itself, moving to a new environment, the packing and unpacking process, or just the stress of moving as a whole — it’s a tough job that can most definitely take a toll on how your move unfolds.

So, where you begin? Check out these moving dos and don’ts to help you prepare for your upcoming long distance move.

1. DO – Start your packing a week prior to moving day.

We all know moving day will be an anxiety-packed, hectic time while trying to ensure everything is organized and ready for your long distance move. For this reason, you do not want to wait until moving day to start all the packing, loading, and cleaning the leftover mess.

You will likely drive yourself off the wall, and something is bound to go wrong. Begin a week early, starting with rooms that are less utilized throughout the week, and only leave out what’s necessary for use as you go.

If you have limited space, use the first room you pack up as storage for ready-to-go boxes and disassembled furniture.

2. DON’T – Leave all the organizing for moving day.

It is key to refrain from throwing all your belongings in a box just to get it packed. You will appreciate arriving at your new home already well-organized, knowing exactly what’s in each box and what room they belong in.

This new change could also incite some seasonal cleaning by getting rid of things you know will no longer be of use. Fewer things you pack, fewer things you’ll have to lug and organize in your new home.

3. DO – Have a pet plan.

When preparing to move with pets, it’s important to have an organized plan laid out to minimize the stresses caused by long-distance moves.

Make sure you have appropriately sized crates to secure them in, and that there are adequate potty breaks planned while in transit.

4. DON’T – Leave boxes blank or unlabeled.

You will regret arriving at your new home, after an exhausting trip, and then having to rummage through each box for your beloved kitchen knives.

Save yourself from the headache, and let the sharpie become your best friend. When placing contents from specific rooms in boxes, make sure to label them accordingly.

It could be helpful to use color coordination for your labels, and then briefly write the contents of the box under each color code.

5. DO – Consider hiring a moving company.

A long distance move is a big change for any individual, family, or business, and moving professionals, like Tucson Moving Service, exist to put all your stresses and concerns at ease.

Picture this on moving day: you not having to move another finger, or worry about how all your belongings will fit in the truck you reserved that was mistakenly too small.

With a trusted moving company, your belongings will be packed in a way that will keep them safe. They will supply the materials you need, and pack your belongings to ensure that they will stay in perfect condition.

Simplifying Long Distance Moves with Tucson Moving Service

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