You probably don’t realize how many glass items you have in your home until it’s time to pack it all up and move. To avoid serious damage to your glass goods, you have to make sure that it is securely and safely packed. To start, you will need a medium-sized brown box, old newspaper, packing tape, markers to label each box, and dish towels.

Begin by preparing your box: take your newspaper (or packing paper) and crumple up several sheets to lay on the floor of the box. This will create a cushion between your glassware and the floor of the box.

Then individually wrap each glass with the newspaper: lay down your glass in one corner of the paper at an angle and begin rolling it into the paper—like a burrito—and stuff the ends of the paper inside the glass. Keep wrapping until the item is completely covered.

To save packing materials, you can wrap two items together if they are the same size. Follow the instructions for the first glass, but once halfway through the paper and the first glass is completely covered, add your second glass and continue to stuff the ends into that glass’ opening. Once complete, you shouldn’t be able to feel any edges of the glass. If you can, add another layer of paper.

For stemmed glasses, make sure to start with the stem with a half sheet of packing paper, then continue like any other glassware. Stemware should always be wrapped individually.

Now that your glasses are all bundled up, it’s time to pack them into a box. Make sure that you start with the heavier glasses and end with the lightest to avoid breakage. Leave some room at the top so you can add extra packing material for an extra layer of protection and cushion. Gently shake the box; if you can hear glass clinking, you have to add more protection. Once you’re satisfied, box it up and write, “FRAGILE” on the box.

For glass furniture, like coffee tables or any glass-topped table, first you must disassemble the table, but make sure you keep all of the pieces and screws in one bag so that you can put it back together in your new location. Once the top and the base is separated, wrap the glass tabletop with packing paper and secure with tape. After the paper, add a layer of Bubblewrap® with large bubbles and measure the table top with all of the layers of protection to see which size box you need. There are special boxes called telescopic boxes for large, flat pieces of furniture which you might need to special order. Once it is securely in the box, label both sides with, “FRAGILE,” and you’ll be on your way!

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