If you’re moving this summer, make sure to make your reservation as early as possible.

Thousands of moving blogs will tell you that if you have to move, summer is the time to do it. As a result, summer is one of the busiest times to make a move during the year. Still, there’s hope: some days are more in-demand than others.

This week, we’re going to examine the best days to book your move. Keep in mind that it’s never too early to book your move, so make sure to get your reservation in ahead of time.

The Best Weeks to Move

When it’s time to book your move date, you should aim for the middle of the month. Barring unfavorable weather, the middle of the month holds the best times to book your move. Thanks to holidays and people waiting for their lease to run out the beginning and end of each month tend to be the busiest.

The Best Days to Move

While you’re looking for a week in the middle of the month, you should pick a day in the center of the week. Avoid Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and consider scheduling your move on a Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Summer Moving Dates to Avoid

If you’re relying on the weekend to get your moving done, pick one that isn’t Memorial Day. This is considered THE busiest moving day of the year. You’ll regret moving with the masses, which adds, even more, hassle to the process. The last weekend of July is considered the second busiest of the year, so it would be best to also avoid this weekend.

Expert Moving in Tucson, Arizona

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