What to pack and when to pack it from Tucson Moving Service.

Knowing what to pack and what to save for your moving company can be difficult to devise. Somethings require some heavy lifting – like furniture. While other things call for an abundance of caution – like valued china and jewelry. Find out what items are better to save for the movers and what items are worth your time and energy to pack yourself.

What Should You Do Yourself?

Important Documents

The name says it all. No one besides yourself should be dealing with important documents – including your medical records, bills, and personal documents. Movers are trained to do an efficient and fast job, but sometimes, documents need a little more time and attention to make sure nothing goes missing or is misplaced or ruined. It also might be wise to keep these documents with you, instead of on the truck, for easy access.

Personal Items

Personal items, like your grandma’s favorite recipe book or your mom’s treasured family photos, should only be packed by you or members of your family. These items are too important and often irreplaceable to leave in the hands of anyone but your trusted family members and friends. Pack these items first to ensure that you have every momento and family keepsake you want, as you likely won’t be using them as your move inches closer.


To avoid any confusion and frustration, you should definitely keep your money – including cash, checkbooks, and credit cards – with you at all times during your move. Sometimes we keep our emergency stash so well hidden in our houses that it is actually possible to forget it with the craziness of moving or packing! So, like the personal documents that will not leave your sight, keep your money very close to you.

Items That Can Save You Money or Time During Moving Day

It is possible to let the movers pack everything for you, but that will add more time to moving day – time that you may not have. Consider instead to have as many things as possible prepared to be put in the truck and go. Small items like clothes, jewelry, shoes, photo frames, small decorative pieces, books, and other like items should be packed prior to the movers arriving at your house, so they have time and space to focus on the more difficult items like furniture and other heavy items.

So What Should You Leave for the Movers to Pack?


Couches, beds, dressers, and other big furniture things that need to be disassembled should be left for movers to deal with. They have the experience – and the muscle – to handle these type of items with care and ease.

Awkwardly Shaped Items

We all have a weirdly shaped modern artistic floor lamp or an irregular coffee table. Obviously, there are no boxes made for items that don’t conform to a regular shape, so leave it to the movers who will know how to best pack away these awkward items – and maybe even have boxes that are especially for them.

My Tucson Moving Service Can Handle It!

With the help of Tucson Moving Service, you won’t have to worry about moving day. Our professional movers are ready to help pack any household items you need to move into your new home. With our care and expertise, you won’t have to worry about your possessions arriving safely in their new home. Call us at (520) 468-8956 or contact us here for a quote!