packing moving boxesWhen moving to a new home, most of your energy is going to be consumed with the challenges of packing and getting from one place to the other. Because of this, too many times we successfully get all our belongings to the new home but are faced with a house that wasn’t ready for moving day.

Thankfully, it’s easy to avoid this. Here are three tips to get your new house ready before you move in.

1. Change the Locks

Changing the locks should be done the same day as you move in, if not sooner. No one should have access to your house once you move in except you, and not the people that lived there before. In certain states you’ll need to have your landlord there with you to change them; if so schedule that as soon as possible.

2. Pay Utilities

This is the simplest tip, but one that’s still too often forgotten. Today, not having Internet is akin to losing a limb for many people, and electricity and water are both runner ups. Plan ahead and pay your bills, so you aren’t left high and dry when first moving in.

3. Children and Pets

While cute, neither are especially useful when it comes to moving and unpacking. Plan out beforehand an enclosed area where children and pets are kept safe and distracted while you run around directing movers and arranging furniture.

4. Make a Toolbox

Before you pack all your belongings together, put together a toolbox with the essentials you’ll need when you get to your new place. This toolbox will include things like wrenches, hammers, scissors, tape, pens, levels, and anything you’ll need for reconstructing your furniture. A good rule of thumb is that if you needed it to pack, you’ll need it to unpack.

5. Clean the New House

While charming, cockroaches belly up and dead on the floor are not who you want to be your first houseguests. Moving in will feel like so much less of a burden if the play you’re moving into is already clean. It’s also often easier to do a thorough cleaning while the place is still empty than to try and do one once you’ve fully unpacked.

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