Tucson Movers Need Boxes

moving boxesIf there’s one thing Tucson movers need, it’s moving boxes. Lots of them, too. This means that you’re going to have to decide where to get those boxes.

Sure, there are plenty of places where you can find used — the free section on Craigslist often has options, as does U-Haul’s box exchange — but you have to decide whether using these boxes is worth it.

Why Used Boxes Are Better Than New Boxes

Used boxes have one big advantage over new boxes: they’re often free. That’s simple enough, right?

New boxes do have some definite advantages over used boxes, when it comes to moving. However, at the end of the day, if you need to save some cash it doesn’t really hurt to just stick to the used boxes. There are so many places to find them.

Keep in mind things will probably be a little easier if you use new boxes, but we all have to cut costs somewhere.

Why New Boxes Are Better Than Used Boxes

Of course, you get what you pay for, which means that new boxes have some definite advantages over used boxes.

For instance, it is much easier to to seal up a new box than it is to seal up a new one. As well, used boxes can come with all sorts of nasty surprises: they might smell bad, they might be less sturdy, and so on.

There’s a great peace of mind that comes from knowing how something’s been used before. And anyway, do you really want to rely on Craigslist for your old boxes?

Rely On Tucson Moving Service

No matter what, you can rely on Tucson Moving Service to help you with your moving needs. New boxes, old boxes, odd-smelling boxes. We’ve worked with them all. Call us now at 520-468-8956.