Moving with pets

Moving to a new home can be a stressful time, not just for you and your family, but also for your pets.  That being said, there are certainly ways to make the transition of moving from one home to another, a successful one.  With some careful planning, you and your pets will be enjoying your new home in no time! Below, we have included some basic information to consider when moving, not only for long distance moves but also for local moves within Tucson.

What kind of environment are you moving into?

Are you moving into an apartment or condominium?  Does it have floor level access or are you in the penthouse of a high rise apartment complex?  Is there a balcony, or any semblance of a backyard? Your dog may be used to living in these different kinds of scenarios, but it is important to remember that animals are quite territorial and will need to make your new living space, their own.  If you are moving into a house with a yard, whether it be large or small, your animals will need to get used to living in a new home. You will also want to keep a close eye on your pets when you arrive at your new home, as this is the time when they are most likely to bolt through open doors, even if previously, your animals have not had behavioral issues.  You will want to be especially cautious if you are moving to a busy area, along main roads, highways or along a route to an airport. Along with moving into busy areas, keep in mind that your animals may feel overwhelmed if there is a lot of noise, and will be sensitive to loud noises in general when they are under stress.

Pack Slowly

From the moment we find out we are moving, we are so excited that usually, we will begin to pack boxes, a little from each room at a time.  This will be a big shift for your pets, and it would be best if you left one room to pack completely until last. This will be a safe haven and a familiar setting for your animal.  They will have anxiety watching you pack away all of the little items that make your home, their home as well. Keep out a few items that will make your animals feel more comfortable, whether it be a bed for them, their favorite toys or perhaps a blanket that smells like home.

Gather all of your pets’ information

When you move to a new city, you will have to obtain a license for your pets, and in order to do so, they will need to see your pets medical record, including vaccines.  You will also want to update their microchips and tags with your new home address and be sure that your phone number is included. It would also be wise to find a new veterinary hospital prior to making your move so that when you are in the midst of moving, you do not even have to think about what to do if your animal needs to see a vet.

Pet-proof your new home in advance

If pet-proofing your new home prior to your move is an option, you should absolutely do so!  Even if you can just have one room semi-moved in with familiar furniture, smells, their beds or food bowls, this would be a great way to introduce your animal to their new home.  If your pets are crate trained, be sure to have their crates set up and waiting for them upon move-in day. Hiring a local moving company in Tucson, whether you are moving to or from New York, Seattle, or on the other side of town, is a great way to make your move as stress-free as possible, not just for you, but also your pets.  Professional moving companies will not only pack all of your belongings up but also unload AND unpack them! If you are making a long distance move, this option is especially attractive because while you have your animals with you, all of your belongings will be at your new home and ready to go when you arrive.


If you are planning on bringing your pets in a vehicle with you for a long distance move, it is important to plan ahead if you need to stay overnight at a hotel (make sure they allow animals), and be sure to have all pet essentials in your car such as food, water, a comfortable place for them to lay down and perhaps a toy or two to keep them occupied.  Some people opt to crate their pets, this is something that absolutely should be done when transporting cats, but dogs will generally do just fine being harnessed and sitting on a seat. Be aware that you will need to stop every couple of hours to let your animals out on a leash to stretch, eat and drink a little and just get some excess energy out. Keep in mind that you may be encountering unfamiliar extreme weather conditions for yourself and your pets, so try to plan your stops at places where you and your pets can comfortably get out for a bit.  Also, be sure that you are not leaving your animals in your vehicle unattended to go have sit down meals as temperatures can elevate very quickly in cars.

We wish you and your fur-babies much luck on this new chapter of your life.  If you need any help with moving whether it be local, long distance, full-service, self-service, or you just need some tips for a successful move with pets, please reach out to your local Tucson moving company!