long-distance moving.

Moving is a big undertaking regardless of where you’re going, but preparing for a long-distance move is an entirely different task. Not only do you have to worry about your possessions making it to your new home, but you’re also overhauling your life. You’ll be saying goodbye to your familiar community and preparing for adventure––new sights to see, cuisines to try, and people to meet.

With so much change ahead, you shouldn’t have to stress about the physical move. Here are some tips to plan a successful long-distance move across the country.

Start Preparing Now

There’s no such thing as getting started too early when preparing for a long-distance move. You’ll need to strategize: Will you have a new home waiting at your new destination, or are you staying with loved ones until you find the perfect abode? If you have a house or apartment confirmed, you’ll want to get the dimensions of the space to figure out whether you’ll need to downsize. If you don’t have a home yet, you’ll want to find an affordable, reliable storage company that can take care of your belongings until you have room for them.

Hire Responsible Movers

Anything is possible, but we don’t recommend a long-distance move without professional help. As we said, you have enough to deal with––packing up all you own by yourself and dealing with the stress of self-transport will add unneeded anxiety to a time already filled with uncertainty. Reach out to reliable moving companies in your area, and specifically ask if they have any experience with long-distance moves. Make sure your movers are insured, so you don’t have anything to fear if something goes wrong, and meet them before moving day.

Determine What Needs To Go With You

Depending on how many things you’re moving and the proximity of your new home to your old one, it could take days or even weeks to get everything you’ll need. Are you flying or driving to your new city? Pack a suitcase to survive the first few days and prepare for any potential delays. Anything from weather to mechanical trouble could cause your move to take longer than expected. We recommend including essentials like changes of clothing, toiletries and important documents in your suitcase. If you have the room, bring electronics or books to help entertain yourself during the first days of your big move.

Call Tucson Moving Service to Get it Done

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