Moving in Tucson.

When preparing for a move, you’re faced with a pretty long to-do list. You have to set up address forwarding and budget for moving expenses. Depending on how far away your new home is, you may even be looking at transitioning to new workplaces and schools.

We don’t blame you if you feel overwhelmed by all of this, but unfortunately, this isn’t the most stressful thing you’ll face: You’ll also have to figure out how to pack all of your belongings.

Why is Packing the Worst?

There’s a reason packing is often listed as the worst part of moving. It can be discouraging to realize how many things you actually have. But fear not: If you’re willing to take the time to strategize, packing and unpacking will be a breeze.

Preparation is Key

It’s tempting to avoid all thoughts of the move until moving day, but preparation is key. You’ll need to get boxes ahead of time. You can try Craigslist, fast food restaurants, and office supply stores, among other places. Don’t show up and expect free boxes – it’s best to call ahead and find out the company policy.

Get Specific

Next, it’s time to load everything into your boxes. This is where many people mess up – it may seem like a good idea to just throw everything into random boxes and hope for the best, but this will make unpacking a nightmare. Get as specific as you can with your boxes, and make sure you label every container. Instead of having one big box for your kitchen, consider splitting up your plates, cookware, and appliances. (This also makes it easier on professional movers, as it’s safer to carry small boxes instead of one huge, very heavy box.)

Caution: Fragile

Additionally, make sure you pack everything carefully to avoid any accidents during the moving process. Wrap fragile items in paper and bubble wrap. Don’t overstuff boxes. If a box is filled with fragile items, make sure to stuff any empty space, as you don’t want your stuff sliding around.

Order of Operations

Think about which boxes will be needed immediately after the move, and load those last so they’ll be unpacked first. Things that you may need immediately include toilet paper, hand soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, phone chargers, and a day’s change of clothes.

Consider Calling the Professionals for Moving

You should consider whether taking advantage of a professional packing service is a workable option. This is a short-term investment that pays off quickly – the experts will know exactly how to pack your things in a quick and safe way.

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