protect valuables from summer heat.

The summer months are upon us, along with the heat that all Arizonans know and love. Summer is a great time to move, but it turns out that the weather can wreak havoc on your possessions during a move: plastic melts, food spoils, and paper dries out. Even metals aren’t safe, as some softer varieties can soften and warp. This month, we’re looking at ways to deal with the heat so you can keep your valuables safe.

Prepare Your New Home Ahead of Time

A move in any weather or season can benefit from advanced preparation, but summer definitely isn’t the time to put things off until the last possible moment. Make sure your new home’s AC is set up and ready to go before the moving truck arrives so that your new house is already set to your ideal temperature.

Time Your Move to Avoid Peak Heat

It’s always hot during the summer, but you can time your move to avoid the midday peak temperatures. If possible, move in the morning or late afternoon. Summer is the peak moving season, so make sure to book your truck with enough notice to snag your ideal time slot.

Consider Your Storage Options

You should take care with what you pack no matter what time of the year you move, but make sure to take extra care during the harsh summer months.

-Blu-rays and CDs can bend and warp in the heat, so make sure to keep them in containers and out of the light.
-Candles have the unfortunate habit of melting in the heat, making them one of the worst offenders. Gravity takes over, and the melted wax leaks down into your boxes. Make sure that you pack your candles in a separate box that is well insulated.
-Shrink wrapping can even melt into your clothes, fusing with the fabric. To avoid, pack your clothes into suitcases and garbage bags.

If you have a lot of valuables that are sensitive to heat, consider moving them in shifts so that nothing stays in the heat for too long. Depending on the length of your move, it might be worth investing in a climate-controlled self-storage unit to help preserve valuables while you move the rest of your home.

Expert Moving in Tucson, Arizona

If you’re worried about the stress of moving your valuables this summer, look no further. Tucson Moving Service wants to help you move with as little hassle as possible. We’re here to make your summer move a breeze.
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