Moving Soon? Here’s Some Kitchen Packing Tips

When preparing for a move, kitchens are notoriously difficult to pack.

How do you pack fragile items like china and glassware without damaging it? What about perishable food items?

It’s no surprise that packing a kitchen generally requires more attention than any other room in the house. Tucson Moving Service is here to provide you with some helpful planning tips that will make kitchen packing a breeze.

Downsize Your Kitchen

The first step to moving any room in your house is to sort through your belongings to make sure that you are only bringing what is truly necessary.

Empty all cupboards and drawers and mindfully separate items into piles. Group together all items that you plan to keep and decide whether you want to donate or dispose of whatever is left.

Toss out any no longer needed junk, perishable food items, and bring your leftover kitchen items to a donation center or recycling facility in your community to avoid waste buildup.

Separate Your Kitchen Essentials

One common mistake people make when moving is packing away items they still need. Set aside some critical everyday items – including some food items and other essentials like dish soap and cleaners. You may also want to invest in some disposable cups and plates to use while your dishes are packed away.
Once this step is done, you are almost ready to begin your kitchen packing!

Gather Your Packing Materialspacking large appliances

If you are moving for the first time, it is easy to over/underestimate how many boxes and packing materials you will need. This guide will give you an idea of how many boxes you will need according to the size of your home.

Generally, we recommend using 3 small boxes, 1 medium box, and 1 large box for a small kitchen and 6 small boxes, 2 medium boxes, and 2 large boxes for larger family-sized kitchens. For heavy kitchen appliances, it may be worth investing in extra heavy-duty boxes to prevent damage during your move.

Don’t forget packing materials such as labels and markers, newspaper, and bubble wrap. Cell kits can also be useful for packing individual fragile items.

Start Packing!

So you have sorted all of your kitchen items and gathered the packing materials necessary for your move. Now what?
Start by packing the items that are infrequently used in your household such as:

  • baking supplies
  • small appliances
  • cookbooks
  • special utensils
  • food storage containers
  • kitchen decor
  • wine and liquor glasses
  • wine and liquor bottles

Now you are ready to pack up your dishes, pots and pans and leftover pantry items.

Wrap each item separately using bubble wrap with tape to secure them. Be sure to place the heaviest items like heavy-duty pots and pans at the bottom of your moving boxes and store fragile items such as cups and dishes on top to prevent them from being crushed.

Finally, use packing paper or newspaper as a cushion to fill in any gaps in your boxes and prevent breakable items from moving around during your move.

Secure Large Appliances, If Necessary

You’re almost done!

Not everyone chooses to take their major appliances with them, but in the event that you do, be sure to properly prepare them the day before your move by covering them with a protective sheet and plastic wrap.

Moving in Tucson? Tucson Moving Service Can Help!

Now that you have properly packed your kitchen, you are ready to move!

If you are seeking professional movers in the Tucson, Arizona or the surrounding communities, Tucson Moving Service is ready to help you with all your packing and moving needs. Big or small, we’re ready to help make your next big move or breeze. As professional local and long distance Tucson movers, we bring years of industry experience helping clients safely pack up their homes and kitchens for a smooth move from start to finish.

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