moving boxes

The process of moving house is exhausting. Most people spend all their energy and enthusiasm long before the time to unpack comes around. The moving truck is empty and now the question becomes how to keep motivated long enough to go through the soul sucking process of unpacking all the boxes that you only recently had to pack?

Get the Bed Ready

You’re going to be tired. Before you dig into the likely intimidating number of boxes that have piled up, make sure to set some time aside to get the set the bed. You’ll thank yourself when you’re exhausted from sifting through the mountain of possessions to unpack.


Inspect the freshly delivered boxes and compare them to your inventory notes or packing list to ensure that everything was delivered and can be accounted for. You don’t want to find out months later that something was left behind!

Sorting Through the Piles

Once the inspection is finished, the sorting can begin. Start by moving each box to the appropriate place. All boxes labeled with a specific room name should be brought to that room for unpacking. Turning the master pile into a bunch of smaller ones can do wonders for your morale; the future task of unpacking each pile won’t seem nearly as intimidating.

Unpack the Essentials First

Make sure to unpack the essential items first! What are essentials? Toilet and bathroom items, as well as bed sheets and other necessities.

If you have young children, throw them a toy or two to keep them occupied and out of your hair.


Unpack, reassemble and set up large and heavy furniture before deciding to tackle individual boxes. Organize the furniture and decide the layout of the room first; it’s significantly harder to do move everything once the boxes have been emptied.

packing moving boxesAll That Remains

Once the big things are out of the way, you’re free to tackle the remaining boxes in whatever order works best for you. Allow this to be a more stress-free time.

You don’t have as hard a deadline (move date). As such, you have far greater control over the unpacking speed due to the absence of a “finish line” to cross. As long as you’ve made each room livable, you can make the extras their own project when time is available. Don’t worry about setting up that display of your favorite collectibles until you have time to enjoy it.

Stress-Free Moving Made Easy!

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Tucson Moving Service wants to help you move in with as little stress as possible. Get a free quote on your next move when you call Tucson Moving Service today! For more information on our packing and moving services, contact us at (520) 468-8956.