How to get rid of an old TV after Black Friday.

With technology and electronics always advancing, we feel the need to upgrade our devices more often than not. Luckily, Black Friday deals allow us to do so without breaking the bank. Every year, TVs tend to be one of the most common devices that Black Friday shoppers invest in! But just because it is out with the old and in with the new, does not mean your TV can be carelessly deposited at your convenience.

This holiday season, My Tuscon Movers will provide you with the necessary information on how to properly get rid of your TV.

Donate your TV

Whether your previous TV is an ancient dinosaur or a relatively newer 16 inch, any functioning device can be appreciated by someone who may not have been as fortunate to have purchased a brand new one. Around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, many people are actively looking for gifts to purchase their loved ones for the upcoming gift-giving holidays.

Locate the nearest GoodWill, Salvation Army, or other reuse organizations to donate your old television. Some organizations may even give you money in return for your TV! Along with donation centers, some other organizations such as local schools, churches – or even your neighbors – may be actively searching for a new TV. Take the time and effort to contribute your old TV to someone in need; it can make for a great gift this holiday season.

Recycle your TV

Due to the number of TVs thrown out annually, more often than not they end up rotting in a landfill. The act of aimlessly dumping electronics has a huge adverse impact on our environment and air quality. Because of this, many states have enacted e-waste laws to ensure that electronics are properly disposed of.

Rather than placing your TV on the side of the road for garbage pick up, consider an eco-friendly method of disposal—recycling. Stores like BestBuy offer electronic and appliance recycling, with drop-off kiosks and in-store trade-ins to ensure that items are responsibly recycled. Accompanying electronic retailers, The Tucson Clean & Beautiful Recycling Directory can help you source local centers that will accept your TV and recycle or donate in the community. The Tucson Clean & Beautiful Recycling Directory consists of over 300 local, eco-friendly organizations, programs, and resources that serve as an outlet to individuals looking for a cleaner, easier, and more efficient way of removing a TV from their home.

Get Rid of Your TV with My Tucson Movers

My Tucson Movers hopes that you will consider donating or recycling your old TV. If you need assistance removing your TV from your home, we are here to help! Contact us here or call us at 520-822-6140 for a free quote today!