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We’ve been serving Tucson and the Southern Arizona area as dedicated movers for over 15 years, and we’ve moved almost anything you can think of. Pianos, lawn mowers, bunk beds, Great Grandma’s antique China… we’ve seen it all. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any advice on your upcoming move.

As your Tuscon Movers, we are here to help, no matter how big or small your move may be. Check out our tips for moving specific items, packing, wrapping, and more. Got a question about your move? We’re a moving company you can count on. Just give us a call!

Guides & Tips for Moving

Packing Bedrooms

Tucson Moving Service will take care of disassembling bedroom furniture, disassembling bedroom furniture, wrapping components, and reassembling at destination with our full service move package. We do not require you to empty dresser drawers as long as there are no breakable items within.

TVs and Electronics

When it’s time to pack electronics, make sure to properly wrap and pad your electronics to make sure they are secured and there is no room for movement in the box. It’s a great idea to take a picture of how all your cords connect before taking them apart.

Kitchen Packing Tips

When you are packing silverware and glass, it is essential to make sure you fill all sides of the box with bubble wrap or paper padding. Securing each side of the box will protect any type of impact that may occur before, during, or after the move. Individually wrap plates and glasses to avoid breakage during the move When loading the boxes, remember to pack heavy to light. Heavier items on the bottom will prevent bigger boxes from crushing lighter items.

Dryers: Electric or Gas

We can move your washers, dryers, and stoves to your new location. Check with a service technician. Monitors may need to be checked and secured.

Jewelry, Cash, Checkbooks and Credit Cards

Keep in your immediate possession, along with any important health records, bank statements, passports, etc.

Mowers and Gasoline Powered Tools

Gas tanks should be drained and oil emptied. No flammable mixtures.

Painting and Pictures

These valuables may need to be boxed to insure a safe move. We can provide custom boxes for your most valuable items. Some larger items may need to be padded, enclosed or crated. We will take expert care with your paintings and pictures.

We are happy to help with your Tucson move!

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