Moving with PetsOne of the most crucial (and often overlooked) parts of moving is the containers in which you store and transport your stuff: cardboard boxes. Most people don’t consider where to get these

Sure, you can always buy cardboard boxes from a store, but wouldn’t you rather get them for free? Everyone likes free stuff.

Here’s how to get some cheap, if not free, boxes.

Free Boxes

Grocery store or supermarket. Most break their boxes down and recycle them, so call ahead to see if they have any and politely ask them to set some aside for you.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a store that won’t fork them over.

Liquor stores are a great source for high-quality boxes, though they don’t tend to be all that large. You can often find thick, sturdy boxes. Most even feature dividers, which can come in handy. If you don’t want them, the dividers come right out.

Some banks get large boxes on a regular basis. As with stores, they’re often more than happy to be rid of them. You just need to ask.

Cheap Boxes

If these sources somehow fail you, there’s always the internet. You can try social media. Put the word out that you’re planning to move and need boxes. Your friends might keep an eye out for good boxes.

Failing that, you might have some luck finding second-hand boxes on craigslist or eBay.

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