If you are getting ready to relocate for a new job or even just pondering the possibility, no doubt one of your main considerations is the cost. Long-distance moves can be expensive, so you’ll want to explore every option for easing the financial burden. Ways to do that include shopping around for the best deals on long-distance movers in Tucson and minimizing the amount of personal belongings you’re attempting to move.

Save money with relocation assistance

However, one of the best ways to help defray the expense of a long-distance move from Tucson or elsewhere is by seeking out relocation assistance from your new or potential employer. Many people think that it is their responsibility alone to foot the bill of the move, so they often don’t even consider that many employers are willing to assist with offsetting the costs.

Depending on the size of the company and your role in it, relocation assistance for a long-distance move can vary from anything to paying for your fuel all the way up to comprehensive reimbursement for all moving expenses, including paying for the services of a moving company and/or lodging during the move and upon arrival.

Asking your employer for help

Even though some employers are generous with assistance, oftentimes it’s your responsibility to ask for it. Closed mouths don’t get fed, as they say. And relocation assistance is not an automatic perk. So, be sure to inquire with the hiring manager or your main contact at your new employer as soon as you are comfortable doing so about what kind of assistance they could offer. The worst they can do is say no.

If they do say yes, you’ll need to be prepared to give them an estimate of costs involved. Since you were already shopping around for movers, you should have some idea about those costs. Don’t forget to include other reasonable expenses in your estimate. Things like lodging during the move and temporary housing upon arrival are reasonable areas to expect some assistance, as is transport of at least one vehicle. Depending on how far you’re relocating, you might be flying to your new city while the movers handle your stuff, so airfare is another expense that may be reimbursable. And don’t forget about storage costs if you’ll be living in temporary housing that is less spacious than where you’re moving from.

How it all works

Relocation assistance can be paid out a few different ways. Some companies will have you save receipts and then reimburse you for qualifying expenses after your move. This could take a few months to process, so you’ll need to be prepared for that. Other companies will furnish you with a moving allowance to use at your discretion. The point is to ask how you’ll be reimbursed so you can effectively plan your move. Also, keep in mind that however you are financially assisted with your move, that assistance may impact your tax liability. Some assistance may be taxed, while some expenses are deductible. Consult the IRS’s page on moving expenses for details.

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