What Tucson Movers Should Do Before They Leave

If you’re looking for long distance movers in Tucson, AZ, chances are you’re getting ready to move out of the area. To help with the Tucson long distance moving process, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the best things you can do in Tucson before you leave.

  1. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Long Distance Tucson MoversOne of the best things about Tucson is its nature. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a particularly nice place to appreciate this nature. It’s entertaining and educational.

Here you’ll find hummingbirds, porcupines, prairie dogs, bobcats, reptiles, and squirrels. Aside from the animals, you’ll also be able to see a variety of the cacti and other plants that are native to Tucson, AZ.

One word of warning, though: you’re going to need to do a lot of walking!

  1. Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway

If walking isn’t your thing, Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway might be more your style. It’s essentially an unpaved road that you can use to drive up the mountain.

It allows you to see some of the foliage unique to Tucson, while also appreciating the mountain view.

  1. Gaslight Theater

This Western-themed musical theater is a favorite among Tucsonans, so if you’re a long distance Tucson mover, there’s a chance you’ve already been.

If you haven’t, you really need to go. The musicals great fun for the whole family, and the pizza is to die for!

Just make sure to buy tickets in advance, because the shows tend to sell out quickly.

  1. San Xavier del Bac

Many think that this church is the best piece of Spanish Colonial architecture that you’ll find in the United States.

The white-walled church is known for its stunning beauty, and this beauty is heightened by the blue desert sky. It makes for great pictures if you go during a sunset!

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