Tips on Keeping Relocation Costs Down

Reducing your belongings and choosing the right time will be to your advantage

Are you getting ready to relocate? The beginning of the year is usually one of the most popular times for companies to take on new employees from out of state, so if you are relocating sometime in the first quarter of the year, you are certainly not alone. Even for people who would rather not move, in a tough economy like this, you may have to be prepared to compete anywhere and be willing to leave a slower market for a better one. Another consequence of this tight economy is that money is even tighter. This is why it is very important to try to maximize your dollar as much as possible. If you follow these simple steps, you may find that you really can transplant your entire life far away at minimal cost.

Cut some Weight!

The single best thing you can do to save money on moving expenses is to reduce the amount of stuff you will be moving. It’s as simple as that! Well, of course for some people, letting things go is not simple at all, but I think when you really look at your finances, you may find it a bit easier to part with things that you really have not been using often. Professional movers typically will set the quote to the amount of belongings and the distance needed to travel. If your destination is set, you can’t really control that cost, but you can always bring less stuff. Today, there is a multitude of ways to sell belongings, and you can even donate them to charity.

You Better Shop Around

Don’t just settle for the first moving company you see. Get estimates from several movers. You can contact each mover directly or use several websites that make it easier to compare them online. You can always haggle and keep an eye on any extra charges. Accurately estimate how much insurance coverage you really need. Just remember, this is a highly competitive industry, you can get a good deal if you are looking for it, and many great movers want happy customers who will refer them out to all their friends.

Get a Tax Break

Did you know the federal government lets you deduct the expenses relating to a move made to secure employment? The move and the travel charges all qualify as long as you moved a minimum of fifty miles from your previous residence and it happened within a year of you working at the new job. I know moving can be stressful, but make sure you remember to keep great records of everything you plan to claim on your taxes.

Only when the Time is Right

Moving is more expensive during the peak moments. In terms of seasons, the peak moving season is the summer, and within the month, the busiest time is at the end of the month when leases end and people need to move into their new place at the beginning of the next month. If you can time your move to the off peak season times, movers will be charging less.

Good luck on with your new job and new home!

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