Checklists Keep You on Task and On Time for Your Big Move

Moving can mean the beginning of a new life, new opportunities, a fresh start, or an upgrade. It also brings with it a bunch of tasks that we are probably ill suited to remember or carry out on short notice since we do not move very often. Creating a checklist and a plan for completing the tasks ahead of time can take a significant amount of worry of your mind and reduce the likelihood of you ever forgetting to do anything important.

Try to contact Tucson Moving Service well in Advance to secure your move on the day you need it.

  • Get an estimate
  • Learn about our policies on liability and ask any questions you need for more clarity
  • Determine if you will be doing the packing or letting Tucson Moving Service handle that for you. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you have everything you need to do the job right. We also carry packing supplies

Make sure you notify everyone about your new address at least a couple weeks in advance so you will transition smoothly. Start with these people and organizations:

  • Extended family (parents, adult children, cousins, uncle, aunts, etc.)
  • Close friends
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Local and federal tax agencies
  • The US Department of Veterans Affairs (for veteran care and benefits)
  • Your family medical providers (doctor, dentist, etc.)
  • Your financial service providers (credit cards, banks, auto lenders, accountant, etc.)
  • Your favorite personal service providers (lawn care, babysitter, pool guy, etc.)
  • Your utility service providers (gas, water, electric, phone, cable/satellite, trash, etc.)
  • The post office
  • Online stores you frequent
  • Monthly subscriptions (newspaper, magazines, professional journals, etc.)

Make sure you let the movers know if you need to add or subtract from the workload as early as possible. That may affect the quote.

Safety is the number one priority, of course. Federal law requires homeowners to responsibly dispose of all flammable substances, so plan for that now. Making the move safe and leaving a home or apartment that is safe as well as clean is just as important as delivering your furniture to the new place!

  • Properly dispose of all partially used cleaning liquids, solvents, paint removers, propane tanks and pesticides
  • Drain all fuel from motorized tools to make their transportation much safer
  • Prepare the removal of large, unwanted appliances and furniture; some charities will do this for free and consider it a donation
  • If possible, have your services at the old residence scheduled to be cut off on the day you are moving
  • Don’t bring a mess to your new place! Have your rugs and drapes cleaned and leave them in the protective wrappers the cleaners use
  • Make sure you give back things you may have borrowed from friends; return library books and DVDs. This will lighten your load and prevent you from losing or damaging something that you do not own

Make sure your movers know about any items that need extra attention due to them being fragile. Also, make sure electronic devices that get hot to the touch have been unplugged long enough to cool them down on the day of your move. Last but certainly not least, be the last to leave your old residence; this way, you will be able to check and make sure everything was taken into the moving vans. Once this is done, relax. You are now half way through!

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