1. Preserve autonomy & dignity

When a senior gets to the point in their life where they need to make a change to their living situation, such as moving in with loved ones or into a care facility, it is important to let them keep their dignity.  Let them be in the process as something they have a say in, rather than something that is happening to them against their will. Moving is hard at any age, but when the decision is made that a person can no longer care for themselves, it can feel like a blow to their dignity as a human being.  Giving a senior moving options as to facilities can be helpful. Remember, they will be living there, so it is not simply a matter of dollars and cents, but of an overall feel of hominess. You will want to highlight the positive aspects of their new home, whether it be that it has a particularly beautiful garden, or perhaps social events, or even its proximity to family members.

  1. Know the move in policies

If a loved one is moving into a senior home facility, you will need to know certain things ahead of time, such as move in date and time, what kind of care will be covered, what items are allowed and prohibited.  You will also want to know the dimensions of your loved ones new accommodations so that you can plan on what to bring. Often times, the rooms are not overly spacious, so unfortunately, you will need to pick and choose which items can come along in a caring way.

  1. Downsize

There is no other way to put it, your senior loved one will need to downsize when moving into a care facility.  This can be quite the process for someone who has accumulated 60, 70, 80, 90 years plus of items. This is a good time to slowly go through your loved ones belongings with them and help them find new homes for items they no longer need.  You will want to let them pay respect to the items they are giving away as it will probably be very difficult for them to let go of a symbol of their independence.  It is also important to highlight that some items can be donated which will let a whole new person appreciate the things that they are donating.

  1. Homey Touches

There are certain things that we keep throughout our life that tend to end up feeling a bit like security blankets, whether it be pictures that have hung up in our living room for all of our lives, a favorite blanket or set of sheets, or perhaps a tea kettle that you use every afternoon.  While the senior in your life will need to downsize to move into a care facility, it is important to make sure that have some of their favorite essentials with them in their new home. Having these select items make a transition much easier.

  1. Learn how to organize

Your loved one is going to be moving into an unfamiliar place, which means you need to take care to organize their belongings in a way which will make sense to them.  The last thing you want is to be taking a frantic call from a loved one because they can not figure out where something is located.  Sitting down with your loved one and letting them be a part of the process of putting things away can go a long way towards their long term retention, and again, will foster their autonomy at a trying time of transition.

  1. Visit often!

No one wants to be moved into a facility and then forgotten about.  The best thing you can do for a senior citizen whether they be a family member or friend is to visit them often.  If at all possible, take them out to lunch or to the ocean so that they can wiggle their toes in the sand. While they may need extra care in a facility, the most important way to maintain dignity is to know that they are still loved and valued.

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