5 Tips for Moving Summer 2018.

Preparing for a move is a stressor of its own and preparing for a summertime move is an even more significant stressor! Accompanied by mean temperatures and busy roads, a summer move can seem unappealing to say the least. Thankfully there are easy ways to beat the heat and have a hassle-free summer move. The professionals at Tucson Moving Service have some tips to make your Summer 2018 move a breeze!

1. Schedule Correctly

Summer is the time for many occasions – parties, celebrations and holidays. Two of the busiest times of the year fall during the summer months. Independence Day is one those crazy busy holiday weeks! If you plan on picking this week, plan wisely and expect long lines of traffic and a hectic atmosphere. Schedule your move promptly to achieve the most favorable outcome.

2. Pack Smart

The summer rays can do more than give you an unruly burn, they can also ruin your prized possessions. Things can melt, warp, and discolor due to the extreme heat. Be sure to pack things for your summer trip that will not be affected by the heat such as clothing or bedding first and leave things such as makeup and personal items that require air conditioning last.

3. Care For Your Pets

Pets are more than just animals; they are part of the family. This means your pets deserve the same care you would give a family member. The scorching heat can cause surfaces to be too hot, so leaving your dog outside can be damaging to their wellbeing. Although their company is surely appreciated, they can be a bit of a nuisance. Having a dog running wild can cause a hectic atmosphere when moving so, if you can, leave them with a friend or place them in a care facility for the time being.

4. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is very common in high temperatures. Although you may not necessarily be doing the heavy work, the heat can still get to you. Be sure to pack tons of water and wear lightweight clothing. Eat plenty, stock up on sports drinks and shade yourself from the heat during the summertime!

5. Pick The Right Team

A move, especially during one of the busiest times of the month, is a job for a team of professionals. Make sure you plan your move ahead of time to ensure that the moving team you want is available for the day you would like to move. It is peak moving season, so locking down the movers you want is essential.

Tucson Moving Service Can Help You Beat The Heat

A summer move doesn’t have to be a hassle if you have an expert moving team. Tucson Moving Service is Phoenix’s local moving company with experienced movers that are the best at what they do! We promise a stress-free and professional moving experience. Call us at (520) 468-8956 or contact us here for a quote!