packing and moving difficult items.

As you prepare for your next move, it’s important to figure out how you will pack and move your furniture safely into your new home. Of course, local moving professionals like Tucson Moving Service will help, but it is beneficial to know which items will be challenging to move when the time comes.
Here are four items that are difficult to move and tips for moving them correctly into your new home.


Those who have an aquarium filled with fish may dread moving day because of the amount of work that comes with transporting your fish. If you are moving long distance, it may be tough to move your fish without putting them into shock. Whether you are moving near or far, here is the proper way to move your aquarium.
It is necessary to take your fish out of the tank and place them in an appropriate holding container. After you must drain the tank, but only leave a small amount of water at the bottom, so the bacteria level will stay the same in the aquarium. Lastly, make sure to store your filter in a chemical-free container and put any live plants into bags of water.

Art and Fragile Items

Any piece of art holds value and can be extremely fragile. Whether it is glass, framed, or a sculpture these items can be stressful to move. Most of these items are oddly shaped and can easily be damaged.
A great tip for packing framed paintings is putting them in a box larger than the piece. This will prevent the art from being crushed. If it is a smaller more delicate item, you should put bubble wrap around the item so that it will be properly supported in the box.
Also, make sure you inform your professional movers that they those are extremely fragile so that they can pack it properly onto the moving truck.


Since plants are living organisms, a move can be traumatic for them if they are not moved properly. The best tip for moving plants is moving them into a plastic planter weeks before your move. This way if they fall during the move, the planter will not break like a ceramic planter will. Also, make sure to transport your plants in your vehicle with proper A/C. The back of moving trucks is too hot for plants, especially during the summer months.


Pianos are delicate and grand, so when moving this item, you want to be extra careful so that it will not get damaged. These instruments weight a little over one thousand pounds and are oddly-shaped, making it difficult to transport.
A great tip for moving your piano is making sure your moving professionals have a special dolly and are experienced in moving large items. Also, figure out the best entrance and exit to transport the piano in and out of your home.

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