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3 Tips for Budgeting Utilities After Moving to Tucson

If you live in Tucson or have recently moved here, you may have noticed an increase in your utility bills. Arizona is a hot desert—that means more air conditioning and more water shortages. To manage your utility budget after your move to Tucson, follow these three tips!

1. Watch your water. When it comes to water use, most of us don’t really pay attention; we don’t time our showers, we leave the water running when we brush our teeth, and we let the water run when it’s trying to get hot. To avoid wasting water, get a timer for your shower. You can easily suction cup one to your wall and it lets you know how long your shower is and how long it should be to save water. When you’re waiting for the water to heat up, collect the cool water in a bucket and use it to water plants or filter it for drinking water! It’s easy to save water expenses if you get a little creative.

2. No landscaping = less water. Most homes in Arizona don’t have green, lush lawns. While this is not the norm, this works in your favor because you don’t have to water your lawn every day to keep the plants alive. Water shortages cause costs to skyrocket—do yourself and your wallet a favor and watch your water use, especially outdoors.

3. Keep an eye on your air conditioning. Tucson has fluctuating temperatures throughout the day, with dry heat during the day and cool nights. Try adjusting your air conditioner to suit the weather; if you can set up a schedule, do that! Make it cooler during the day and give it a break at night and open some windows. Even better, invest in a smart thermostat such as the Nest. This unit turns itself down when you’re away, you can control it from your smartphone, and it will automatically change the temperature based on your cooling or heating habits in a way that saves you money in the long run.

Saving money on utilities is easy with a little creativity and mindfulness. When you’re planning your move to or out of Tucson, be sure to give Tucson Moving Service a call at 520-468-8956. We professionally handle all of your local and long-distance moves, allowing you to stress less and plan the finer details.